Welcome Installers!

Sunfund is an online marketplace that is helping solar customers connect with the best solar installers out there. Our aim is to demystify the process of going solar for our customers and educate them, so they can go solar with confidence.

We analyze site details, electricity bills and other relevant data from interested customers and explain the various financing options that they can avail. Our informational resources and tools offer unbiased information to customers, so that they make faster and better decisions while going solar.

This ensures that solar adopters are aware and ready to go soalr when they come in touch with you via Sunfund.

We are continuously innovating to reduce customer acquisition costs and increase the pace of solar adoption.

How can you build your business with Sunfund?
Step 01 Register
Develop your profile showcasing your experience and offerings. After a brief verification process, you will be ready to receive opportunities for quoting.
Step 02 Submit Quotes
Our comprehensive technical and financial requirement reports make it easy for your to quote to relevant customers who are ready to go solar.
Step 03 Install!
Negotiate and sign contracts with the customers. You have successfully expanded your business with minimum effort in customer acquisition
Why Sunfund ?