Sunfund FAQs
1. Why should I go solar? Multiple reasons! But we'll keep it short. Installing a solar plant on your rooftop not only gives you tremendous savings on your electricity bills, it will also increase the value of your property. Also it is now mandatory in several states of India (including Haryana) for the industrial and commercial customers to install rooftop solar energy systems.
2. Why should I go for solar now? At less than ₹7 per unit, solar electricity is much cheaper than total grid tariffs of around ₹8-9 per unit (surcharges and taxes included). The grid tariffs are also increasing at 6-8% per year. At this rate, waiting for solar energy systems to get cheaper means losing substantial amount of your money.
3. How much will I have to pay? With a host of available financing options (traditional purchase, Loans, Lease, etc), it depends entirely on you as to how much you want to pay. In any case, it will end up much cheaper than your current electricity solutions.
4. How long does a solar system last? Solar panels and solar inverters are two most important and expensive components of your solar systems. While high quality solar panels last from 25-30 years, solar inverters are best replaced every 10 years.
5. How much maintenance is needed? Solar systems typically require very little maintenance. In highly dusty environments present in majority of India, regular cleaning of solar panels will ensure maximum production. Inverters need to be replaced every 10 years.
6. Some claim that the solar systems are maintenance-free. Is this true? No. Though maintenance of solar systems is indeed negligible compared to any other energy generator, it doesn’t mean that these are maintenance-free. In fact, the lack of proper monitoring and maintenance is one of the key issues of their failure in delivering adequate results in many cases. No. Solar systems indeed require negligible maintenance compared to any of its counterparts, but lack of proper monitoring and maintenance can result in poor outputs out of your system, severely affecting your savings and ROIs. Find out more about how to reap long-lasting benefits from your solar system, with minimal efforts.
7. What happens if I want to add a floor to my building, or move to another site? Your solar power system can be detached from your current system and reinstalled on the new roof as and when required. In case you want to sell your property, you can either sell the solar PV system to the new buyer or get it detached and reinstalled on your new roof.
8. What if there is a power failure in the electric grid / the grid goes down (blackout)? In the case of grid failure, On-grid solar system automatically shuts off. A working grid-connected solar system in such situation, can be lethally dangerous to the workers attempting to fix power outages. If you have a diesel generator as backup, the solar system can work in synchronization with it. Connecting your solar system to a battery backup is another alternative. Find out more..
9. I have read about solar power plants that offer electricity at ₹4-5 per unit. What prices can you offer me? Rooftop solar power plants are a little more expensive than large-scale solar parks. Such large power plants are able to get components at lower prices due to the scale of their demands. And even in such conditions, quotes as low as ₹4 per unit generated are very rare and considered ambitious by the industry worldwide. The cost of small-scale rooftop solar power plants hovers around ₹6-7 per unit.
10. How do I trust the credibility of the installer? SunFund chooses quality installers based on intensive background checks and makes sure they adhere to its quality benchmarks. Several installers present on the platform have experience and track records of several years, and hence have numerous happy customers.
11. How can I trust that the installer will provide me quality service throughout the plant’s life? SunFund provides you wealth of information about the installer, including their track records and customer testimonials in a comprehensive manner, so you can compare their respective quotes confidently. SunFund also provides its own proprietary Operation and Maintenance service. Find out more.
12. How do I trust the solar manufacturer to be around for 20 years to justify the product warranty? It is important to choose a product manufacturer who has a good historical background and long standing experience, to maximize the trust in the quality of solar panels.
13. I already have a procurement team in place. Great! SunFund’s years of experience in solar rooftop installations in India and the presence of the country’s best installers on one platform, along with a host of other benefits will
  • be a great asset to you and your team and ensure that you make an informed and confident decision.
  • provide you and your team with an unparalleled experience throughout your solar journey.
Advantages of choosing to go solar with SunFund.
14. Solar subsidies? The ambitious subsidy programs announced by the central and the state government, regularly fall short of expectations owing to non-efficient mechanism and shortage of available funds. Thankfully solar systems today are cheap enough, that it doesn’t have to depend on subsidies to make economic sense for you. .It is advised to the customers, especially those from industrial and commercial sectors, to not factor solar subsidies in their plant cost analyses.
15. What if I am not using electricity during the day? Through a policy called “Net Metering” state utility buys the excess solar power from the rooftop solar system owners, generally at a price lower than their selling price. Property owners in Haryana can offset up to 90% of their electricity bill by selling their excess solar electricity to their respective utility. In addition, they’ll receive 25 paise per solar unit generated by the state government.
16. Your estimates differ from the proposals I got from another solar company. Why? Solar proposals and production depend on many sensitive factors, including shading, weather conditions, type and quality of equipment, quality of designing and structures used among others. SunFund’s online platform lets you compare several quotes from multiple solar companies based on these very factors, so that you go solar with confidence!