Proper Maintenance of your Solar Rooftop
Maintenance of your solar system is important to keep harnessing the variety of benefits that you get from these systems. Without proper care and maintenance, your solar power production might end up generating much less power than it is capable of. But don’t fret! Taking care of these systems is actually very easy. Here is a guide of how to keep your solar rooftop spic-n-span.
Solar Panels Regular cleaning of the solar panels is essential to maximize your plant’s output and increase its lifetime. Simply wash the panels with water. Use a sponge to rub off any dirt or grime or bird droppings. Remember the cleaner the panels are, the more electricity they will generate! Solar Panel DO NOT use detergent or hard brush to clean the surface.

It is recommended to clean the panels early morning or in the evening when the environment is comparatively cooler. Cleaning the panel during the day, when they are hot, may generate cracks and will prevent them from operating properly.
We recommend cleaning/wiping the panels twice a week with water. Alternatively, you can remotely monitor your plant’s output and clean it whenever you notice a dip in the performance. Inverter Depending on the location, the inverter may or may not be located outside. Keep your inverter dust-free regularly wipe off the dirt or dust accumulated over the unit with a dry cloth. While solar panels are long lasting and last for more 25 years, a good quality solar inverter will last for 10 years. Replace your solar inverter every 10 years to ensure high performance. Subscribe to an O&M service Despite the long life of solar panels, 25 years is still a long time for a system to work perfectly without problems, especially when they are subject to the weather constraints and external environment. Hence it is advisable to subscribe to a regular Operation and Maintenance service, or AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract). These checkups happen once a month and ensure that your solar system is working correctly. An O&M service will conduct a survey of
  • All your solar panels, monitor them for possible defects and problems
  • The inverter and other power conditioning units and/or optimizers.
  • Wires and connections: if they are tight enough; whether they have been affected by pests or termites.
  • Possible new sources of shading (new trees, buildings, construction etc.) that might have crept up overtime, and adjust your system / advise you accordingly.
Based on the survey, the service will also assist you in replacement of any under-warranty products should they be found defected or replacement of equipment wherever required (e.g. solar inverters are required to be replaced approximately every 10 years). Look out for new developments in your vicinity Over the period of 25 years, a lot can change in the surroundings of your property that can cause additional shade to fall upon your solar panels than was calculated when the plant was installed. Shading can cause a significant loss in the generation of your solar power plant, and hence, it is recommended that you keep a keen eye on the development going around your neighborhood which might affect the sunshine on your roof. For example a tree can grow taller than your roof, or a neighbor may decide to build an extra floor. In such cases, it is recommended that you seek help from your installer or the O&M service that you have subscribed to. Depending on the change, they will reconfigure your rooftop plant or make some changes in the capacity.