Who Are We? Your Trusted Solar Advisors

We are a team of engineers, financial experts and environmentalists who believe in the win-win potential of rooftop solar - to save you money and to save the planet. We have built our platform with the most scientific tools and our process with the utmost care, so that we can power you towards great solar savings.

What Are We Trying To Do? Making Savings From Clean Energy Accessible To Everyone

It is now possible to generate cheap electricity through a solar rooftop plant on your premises. This plant enables you to save money for over 25 years and provides returns better than the market.

At Sunfund we are on a mission to put a solar plant on every roof in India, helping people save and shifting us away from polluting coal based power generation.

How Are We Doing It? Simplifying Solar

Solar has different benefits for every property. We understand that and take you through a personalized solar journey, helping you understand how solar can work for your property.

By registering on Sunfund, you save yourself hours of searching through unstructured information on the web and confusing opinions from salesmen or self appointed 'experts'.

Instead, you get customized assessments in a readable format and our comprehensive neutral advisory. When you are ready to go solar, we get you competitive offers and financing options from India's best solar companies. In other words, when you partner with us, you get the best solar for your property.